Friday, January 31, 2020

Mind Blown

Mind Blown
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So, my mind was just a wee bit blown with this article that I read and now my head is full of thoughts and tons of questions!😮🤯

[My day was completely ruined yesterday when I stumbled upon a fun fact that absolutely obliterated my mind. I saw this tweet yesterday that said that not everyone has an internal monologue in their head. All my life, I could hear my voice in my head and speak in full sentences as if I was talking out loud. I thought everyone experienced this, so I did not believe that it could be true at that time.]

For me personally, I have a full internal monologue! So much so that I not only hear my own voice but if I'm thinking of a conversation with someone else I will hear their voice as well. Does this change my internal monologue to an internal!? I also "see" pictures in my head like a movie playing in full color, which also includes theme music and yes sometimes a musical or two... lol!! 😂

My mind is also a superhighway of thoughts that never stops, I can actually have multiple topics going on in my head all at once. Sometimes if there's too many it gets a little chaotic and overwhelming and I need to find a way to quiet them down, like listening to music really loud or singing. Watching TV or reading doesn't work to quiet them, my mind will just drown those two things out... Although I love to read and do it daily, it can be difficult at times because my overactive brain likes to wander off and I have to go chase it down and try and put it in time out while I finish!

[How do they think? How does this affect their relationships, jobs, experiences, education? How has this not been mentioned to me before? All of these questions started flooding my mind. Can those people without the internal monologue even formulate these questions in their mind? If they can, how does it happen if they don’t “hear” their voice? I mentioned earlier that I was spiraling out of control. Well, as I write this and as I hear my own voice in my head, I am continuing to fall down the rabbit hole.]

It does make one wonder, how does this ability or lack of affect one's ability to learn? I learn things rather easily and can use any of the different learning styles with, reading, visual or hands-on (except for math, I suck at math...) Are people with the ability the more creative ones? How many different types are there? How many are like me, with sound, full technicolor visuals and theme music!?

I'm definitely finding it difficult to wrap my head around the fact that not everyone has even an inner monologue!? How do they think and process information? How do they make important decisions on the spot that requires that "weighing of pros and cons conversation" you have in your head before making said decision!?! I'm curious how many of you are internal monologue people and no internal monologue people? 

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog! Are you an internal monologue person or a no internal monologue person? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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Love And Light!

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