Friday, December 29, 2023

Random thoughts 12-29-2023

My current thoughts on Social Media's Toxicity
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My current thoughts on Social Media's Toxicity

Social media comment sections have become such a cesspool of judgemental hatred and unsolicited opinions. Nobody can post anything anymore without someone coming to the comment sections to interject their two cents even when a question wasn't even asked. 

And don't even think about posting your own opinion on your own personal profile about something you like or are happy about that people may not agree with because you will most definitely get people commenting their, again; unsolicited and unwanted opposing opinions and ruining your personal, joyful post. Because these people don't know how to just agree to disagree and scroll on... Which In case you were unaware is incredibly annoying and disrespectful. 

For the most part, unless asked I really try to keep my opinions to myself these days and sometimes even when asked, because I despise arguing and debating with people, I find it to be a complete waste of my time and energy! And I don't have the energy or time to waste. Nothing they say ever changes my mind and nothing I say ever changes their mind, so it just goes in circles and is completely pointless.

Nobody seems to have manners, respect, or even the tiniest notion of netiquette anymore. And it's destroyed the whole purpose of social media. 

Here, I'll give you a quick little lesson. If you see something on your timeline you don't like, first of all remember, that person trusts you to be a part of their world and has basically invited you into their "home" which is why they added you as a friend and you are seeing their post on your timeline. With that said you have a couple of options here:

1. Ignore it and keep scrolling

2. Mute/unfollow the person's posts. You'll still be "friends" but their posts and/or stories will no longer show up on your timeline. You then have the option to mentally prepare yourself before going to their profile to check in on them, knowing you are probably going to see something you don't like, but at least you go into it knowing that, instead of it just randomly popping up on your timeline and you weren't expecting it. Again if you do see something you don't like refer to #1 or you can move on to #3.

3. Delete/block person. Just simply remove the person from your life.

I also block pages that people frequently share from if it's topics I'm not interested in seeing, like religion, politics...etc. So everything else they post I can still see, I just won't see anything from those pages they like to share from that are of no interest to me.

See, lots of options, I use all three regularly because I do not come here to argue, debate, or get angry over the stupid things people post. I come on in my spare/downtime while trying to relax for a moment. I'm here to keep up with friends and family since this is how it's done these days. I'm here to see what amazing things you have going on in your life, watch your children grow, and celebrate your accomplishments and milestones with you.

I am most definitely not there to fight, argue or debate with anyone!

I know I'm probably talking to a brick wall but I needed to get that off my chest, social media is such a toxic environment anymore, I remember what it was like when it first started and I kinda miss those days...

Monday, December 18, 2023

Struggles and Triumphs: A Year of Challenges and Learning 2023 A Year in Review

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Struggles and Triumphs: A Year of Challenges and Learning

2023 A Year in Review

It's been quite a while since I last posted here. I can't believe 2023 is almost over already. And what a year it has been! The year 2023 has brought with it numerous challenges that have demanded a lot of my time and attention.

I'd like to share some personal insights with you about the struggles and challenges that I've personally faced this past year, and how they've impacted my life.

Weathering the Storm

The year started off with an enormous challenge – recovering from the damages caused by Hurricane Ian in September 2022. The processes of dealing with insurance companies, public adjusters, contractors, and inspectors were exhausting enough, and then getting the funds released by the mortgage companies' insurance claims department to advance with the remaining repairs has been another beast altogether. Hopefully, 2024 will see our repairs completed!

Juggling Business and Homefront

Imagine being responsible for managing all operations of not one or two, but five business entities. That's right, I have also been single-handedly managing five business entities while also maintaining and managing our home and all that entails. Talk about wearing many hats at once! It’s been a balancing act of Herculean proportions for sure!!

Losses and Life Changes

2023 was marked with grief as well - we lost two cherished members of our family. My father-in-law passed away in March, then in August, we had another loss when my daughter's beloved furbaby and my grandpup Bella passed away in August. It has been painful and full of grief as we all cope with this new chapter and learn to live without them, and all the changes in our daily lives as a result of their absence.

My adult children were also going through significant life changes; all of which sent ripples through our family dynamic. One such wave was one of them tying the knot in September 2023. Although these changes began before 2023, their repercussions most definitely extended into the year.

Battling Health Issues

Throughout all these upheavals, I’ve been dealing with my own inner demons and physical health issues. My mental health has been severely impacted, and my SLE Lupus and Fibromyalgia flared up incessantly. The continuous flares have led to constant severe pain and inflammation throughout my entire body. This, in turn, has greatly affected my weight, triggering a dip in my self-esteem and self-worth.

However, as always I'm refusing to yield. I'm actively working on strategies and exploring alternative methods to cope with and hopefully regain control over my health – physically, mentally, and emotionally. I'm eager to share more about these methods with you in future posts!

Looking Forward and Being Optimistic

Despite the tumultuous year, I remain hopeful and optimistic for what's to come in 2024. This new year, one of my goals is to be more present here on the blog and to make more time for hobbies that bring me joy, and generally, to make life more fun.

Through my journey of recovery, growth, and transformation, I see plenty of potential and opportunities up ahead. I believe the experiences this past year have strengthened me and equipped me better for future challenges.

Here's to a new year filled with promising possibilities and lessons to learn from our past experiences!

Keep smiling and stay healthy, everyone. Till next time, Love and Light!