Friday, September 23, 2022

Inspired Thoughts 9-23-2022


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This Post Inspired by a Ophelia Nichols Video from Friday, September 23, 2022 

I just love her so much. She's also very right, and her words of wisdom should be heard. Too many of us look on the other sides of the fence instead of nurturing and building our own.

I know I personally spent many years comparing my life to others and feeling like I was a disappointment, that I wasn't doing enough or being enough or just not enough in general in others' eyes, which is a childhood trauma that I'm still working on healing from as many of us are. 

I stopped comparing my life and worrying about whether I was living up to others ideas of perfection a long time ago! However, those feelings of being a disappointment and not being enough still lingered because I wasn't being mindful enough of who I allowed to have access to my energy. If there is anyone in your life that makes you feel like you are a disappointment and/or not enough, family, friend, acquaintance...etc, please distance yourself from them. Because your mental health is more important than their feelings and if you allow it, they will slow your healing and progress to being your best self! 

My life is far from perfect, I've made my fair share of mistakes over the years and it most definitely has its ups and downs just like everyone else's, but it's mine and I'm going to make it the best life I possibly can and I hope that I can encourage others to do the same. Also, I AM enough just the way I am! 

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